Skulls & Bones Artwork

Galnakh'xor - The Grand Defier

Galnakh'xor - The Grand Defier. Skulls & Bones Artwork by Petra Shara Stoor

I present to you- the story of Galnakh'xor:

- The Grand Defier

The courage to question, challenge and defy
The bottomless well, soaked or all bone dry
Tell me, wanderer, when eying the face of the Defier
Do you dare to question?
Tell me, contemplator, when eyed by the soul of the Defier
Do you question if to dare

Galnakh'xor - Vexeren aza'xan

Kathwa ma ivunx, vex’la dhim groth
Yrela sar
n'b'gorua, neath sovra ni'nearoth
radar, dram galnakh’xor vex
Sar ivun sa suvreh
Verinexen, ruynen, sov galnakh’xor vae
Sar suvre sa ivunx

Poems & Xhaimeran translations by Leo Flavum