The biography and experience of artist Petra Shara Stoor

Petra Shara Stoor is impression and expression; The artist who knows when to let life feed her with its everlasting input and when to just let it all out, breaking every rule of conventionality in the process.

As a native of East Botnia, Finland, she grew up in a rural environment. Close to nature she witnessed the neverending circumambulation of life and death and developed that special eye for details; How there's a metamorphosis in the making everywhere. How Alpha turns Omega only to rise again, entering yet a new circle of existence.

Portrait of Petra Shara Stoor
Photo: Karin Wednesday Brodin

The experience of artist Petra Shara Stoor

Shara's experience includes a wide range of creative and artistic endeavors, including skull art, makeup artistry, mask work, hair design and props for commercial and private sectors. Her work can be seen in various films, stage plays and music productions. She also works as a teacher in the art of makeup as well as hosting/arranging events in the alternative scene.

I want you to be aware that I never have nor ever will kill an animal for my skull creations. I honor each and every skull. I honor both life and death.
— Petra Shara Stoor

In 2011 Shara, along with Fredrik Fernlund, launched the skull art enterprise Skulls & Bones Artwork. Under that label she has since created and released to the world an amazing collection of skull art; every object with it's own name, theme and background history, drawing inspiration from dreams, wishes, folklore and ancient archetypes. All and all, a collection truly showcasing Shara's unique talent as an artist.

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