Water Demon of Leriar

The Hekethar, up until now exclusively found in the flooded parts of the Ieriar ruins, is as infamous as the Jakuth of the Westwood for it’s random attacks on mentally instable
(but superficially well functioning) persons.
It seems attracted to the unique combination of arrogance and fear.

Alerted by the first, nourished through the latter. And like the Jakuth it never stops. Where it came from is unknown, but it is believed to be as old as the world itself. Therefore it is no surprise that Hekethars in large numbers were recently detected on the island of Vargula.
Where else would they be?

—— Xhaimeran language ——

Dimeroth’ nea an Ieriar

Hekethar, ynaval yma sunna nem forsa’n xuranath an vanya Ieriar’a daraeim, py’veratu tam an Jakuth an Nora’ Duv exh arsma xind’en nythannakh nei nam brunn’en ni’sibinakh katharim
(seren veram sepeul adaraxim).
Ner sov morath an vaadhwakh ad althendir revrah myrae.

Dethraeim an axhan’ne, sondilaeim thramar droxun’ne. Ad Jakuth’khal ner nathwa athrax. Quom ner uraxdhe nuer exh, seren ner paraeim exh ma veloraxim tamyn khal ne adhran neram ner exh. Vadim nie tremura exh ma Hekethar’yn’xoh nem hylar Vargula ymakhal akhdaraedhe. Omok nenth enenthu?

— Poems & Xhaimeran language by Leo Flavum


September 2011, Bjåsta / Sweden

Skull origin
Swedish Deer