Element of Water

I am the gentle stroke
Afloat upon your skin
Time within time again
Soft against each limb
And for every caress
One layer peeled and perished
And for every wave, there is
One bit less of what you once cherished
For my ways all lead to changes
And the stale corves of yesterday I solve, set free
In the end you all...succumb to me

—— Xhaimeran language ——

Elari nea’a

Nar kitsun frawe eo
Sperethaxim nam nusma sa
Kronh dhimra kronh am doz
Sirth elu forsakhel thwa
Ad ar axhina venth
Axh misrakh sym’barakhaeem moaeim’ad
Ad khal uv’en enenth
Axh forsa trana an khal axhvelm sondieraxim’la Arsma loku’en na ton’en am nera’n unruh
Ad dhry’n dunath an velcor
Nar fairx, riexat dru
Athom ton’en santh....ayat naru mirihatu

— Poems & Xhaimeran language by Leo Flavum


March 2012, Jättendal / Sweden

Skull origin
Swedish Moose