The Poem To Temyn - The curator of Rav Mear

Temyn - The curator of Rav Mear. Skulls & Bones Artwork by Petra Shara Stoor 

I can present to you the name and story to my "Inca Inspired" Skull creation.

I give you :

Temyn - The curator of Rav Mear

And there he was found

Dressed in the linen of the past
Shrouded within words long forgotten
Swept by the winds of time

None his possessions
All his heritage

Temyn - Kihvelen Rav Mear'an

Ad drevin lan daraeem

Nem aneila an velora shoufae
Dhimra verin'en velxora vuroraeim dyeax
Sov zu an kronh awunae

Nie sula'n lan'a
Ton ardar xana

Poems & Xhaimeran translations by Leo Flavum