I have landed now after my Skulls & Bones Art exhibition in Stockholm. I left the big city yesterday and arrived back to the woods again in the afternoon, back in good time for the interview with the Swedish newspaper Expressen. They are writing a story about me and my sisters. I will upload it later when it is published. 

Well, the Skulls & Bones Art exhibition was held at Galleri 40 in Stockholm, and I would like to thank all of you who came to see the exhibition and artwork. This was my very first own exhibition as an artist. I have studied and work with art for a long time but  I have always worked for other artists, displaying their artwork, selling their art and showcasing it- for the first time I put myself in the spotlight as an artist-  I showcased my own work. My Skull Artwork.

It was a rather daunting but at the same time great experience. It feels like you serve yourself on a plate for a hungry crowd to feed on you. Not sure if you will happily fill them up or make them sick. Crave for more or leave the plate untouched. You give the crowd forks and knives and you offer them to cut you up, eat and taste, chew on you, taste what you offer, spit you out, swollow with ease or struggle, enjoy what you serve or hate it, ask for more or less, crave for dessert or simply just get full and want no more. Rather interesting experience.

This exhibition was appreciated and the feedback was great which warms my heart. I was also asked to go to Norway to display my artwork there at a big Fine Art Trade Show in November! More details about that coming up soon!

Also today, I made the best connection ever - Fantastic David who runs The facebook Page "Art and Magick"  uploaded my Skull artwork to his page. You so need to check this page out- such great art, such great and talented artists! Do check this page out, like it and join it!!!

Here is the link: 

// Shara