The story of "Vey" - The Cage

Vey - The Cage. Skulls & Bones Artwork by Petra Shara Stoor

Vey - The Cage

The profound influence of geometry on the human mind is not to be extenuated
But the trap is far more foul than ever expected
Not in the twisted, neither the extravagant nor ornamented
But in the bleak straight lines, assailing the unfortunate from within

From within....the cage

Vey - Vey

Pur vertrakhal an styxh nam kathar granim nien
nawkhuae vymeh
Seren kruth autem lavdim axor dal andhekronh thullae
Nien nem rumeraeim'ne,
nier shuroth'ne seren luliar
Seren nem samna'n kwor sam, xinhim ryakm'ne dhemakhan

Dhemakhan vey

Poems & Xhaimeran translations by Leo Flavum