Exhibition coming up - And teaser story of my new skull Kronhan

Skull Art Exhibition is getting closer, opening night on FRIDAY 9Th Of September, in Stockholm at Galleri 40, Hornsgatan 40,  5pm-10pm (17-22)!

We will be in the gallery every day during the exhibition- hope to see you visiting too. 


Opening Times:

  • 9th September: 5pm-10pm( 17-22)
  • 10-14 September: 10am-8pm (10-22)

  • 15th of September:10am-2pm.(10-14)


Galleri 40, Hornsgatan 40 in Stockholm

My collection of skulls will be a total of 11 unique skull creations, 11 dead but living art creations, 11 souls awakened from the dead and brought back to life. I will display all my skulls from ARUAA- where it all started to where I am now. Sold and unsold pieces- and commission work and orders can be organized if you let me know what you're visions of your skullcreation would be.

Not all skulls are displayed on my website - there will be 4 unseen pieces first to be seen at my exhibition. After the exhibition I will upload the skull artwork to my website as well.

I would like to give you a teaser of my latest skull creation called KRONHAN - here is his story and you will meet him in the gallery! Welcome!

// Shara

I Present to you- the story of:

Kronhan - The death clock

Nine, the ancient sages
Eight aligned to the flow of time
Threefold walked the ages
One in threads remain entwined

Beware, beware of the biding nine
Beware, beware when comes that time
For the one asleep through ages

In threads entwined comes forth

Kronhan - Ver’ kronh’ thanath

Nominan, thar’yn velorim

Vomak a mera kronh’a istriuaeemu
Ramakhal, falkronh’en raxem
Axh thraedh’nem iannuaeim dru

Varulyxen, varulyxen a nominan makrethim
Varulyxen, varulyxen dram kronh erenximu
Arsma ner khal falkronh’en dhovraxem