Is it ever really All Black and White?

Vey - The Cage by Petra Shara Stoor

It was all about black and white this time. Black and white-so pure and clean when they stand on their own, but mixed together giving new dimensions and various powerful shades of black, whites and greys.

As I looked at my new skull creation to be- the palette of greens, reds, violets and blues flashed before my eyes, but they never appealed to me - nor to the skull. Not this time. It was a joint decision to keep it all black and white. It was never about the vibrant colours this time as I entered the journey with my skull. It was about finding the strength in black and whites, and how to use this powerful combination.

Black and white. So simple, so straight forward, but then again not at all.

It is not often as simple as black and white. Or is it? In life, so many colours to choose from our palettes. Colours and paths to choose, directions and destinations. Where to go, why, with someone or on your own? This might drive one mad at some occasions, then again, sometimes it all just feels so easy. So right. So straightforward. So black and white.

How do we choose which path is the right one to enter, when there are so many options and directions ahead of us. Is there always a right path or direction awaiting us to choose it, awaiting us to find it, all we need to do is just feel it and then walk. Or maybe we find our path when we find the right one to walk right next to, when it all just makes sense. Someone who has found their own path, and it lies right next to yours and the more you walk togehter, the more the paths will join. But still, never completely be the same one.

Sometimes we may have stumbled upon our paths and had to make them right for the time being or choose to leave them behind as wrong ones to be able to find the ones we were meant to walk. Maybe we have tried to make the wrong turns right again until we got too tired to walk and laid down to rest for a while to find the strenght to start walking and finding new ones. We all have a path to find, our own. Some might have found it, some may still be searching. We may walk next to someone, but never on the same path. For if we choose the paths of others, we will never find our own.

// Shara

To live remains an art which everyone must learn, and which no one can teach
- Havelock Ellis