My skull art at Midvinterglöd 12 December in Jättendal, Sweden

Petra Shara Stoor will exhibit her skull art at the event Midvinterglöd ( midwinterglow) in Jättendal, Sweden 12 december 2015

On the 12th of December I will exhibit my skull art at the alternative Christmas fair "Midvinterglöd" (Midwinterglow) in Jättendal, Sweden. At Midwinterglow we are celebrating the winter solstice with tales and story telling from Swedish folklore and norse mythology with our musical show "folklore Lucia"

The show "Folklore Lucia" at Midvinterglöd 2014

The event will be held at Skulls & Bones Artwork where we live. I'm organising this event with my partner Fredrik Fernlund and my sister Janina Stoor and we've been working for many months now to prepare for the event and this week coming up will be absolutely manic to get all final details in place before the 12th!

Skull artist Petra Shara Stoor, also organiser of the event Midvinterglöd held at Skulls & Bones Artwork in Jättendal, Sweden 12th of December 2015.

Petra Shara Stoor also works as a SFX-makeup artist and mask maker ( She has created a fire phoenix inspirated mask and costume that will be part of "Midvinterglöd" (midwinterglow) 12th December in Jättendal, Sweden. 

I hope to see some of you here celebrating Midvinterglöd with us!