New art studio and my skull art featured on Swedish national TV, SVT- "Sverige!"

Busy but such great times! There is so much great stuff going on now in my life it's totally exhilarating!! I've been working a lot with teaching makeup and mask work. I've exhibited my skull artwork at various venus as well. Lately I have been working around the clock with our up and coming winter festival / alternative Christmas market called "Midvinterglöd" that we are organising the 12th of December at Skulls & Bones Artwork, in Jättendal, Sweden.

Also recently me and Fredrik bought a magnificent house, an old school house where I've moved my art studio to and this house will also in the near future be a place where I will have an art gallery, organise events, have courses in makeup etc. This beautiful old school house was built in 1920 and used to be a school between the years of 1920 - 1962.

This is the new residency for all the creative adventures with Skulls & Bones Artwork, my makeup & mask work, events etc. This beautiful house used to be a school between the years 1920-1962!

When the school closed down, the school was owned by Nordanstig municipality, then the artist Gunnar Greiber bought the house and lived there and created artwork til around 2010. Gunnar Greiber past away a few years ago so the house went up for sale.  We have been looking for such a long time for a place like this. We could hardly believe it when we closed the deal that we were the lucky ones to get the keys to this stunning house. We have got so many plans for this house, for future artistic adventures, I cannot wait to share all our visions and dreams with you all soon. 

Me and my skull art featured on SVT ( Swedish national tv) 

Petra Shara Stoor, Skulls & Bones Artwork featured in SVT "Sverige!". In the program I talk about my journey with Skulls & Bones Artwork and share thoughts of my skull art. 

Yesterday was a big day for me as an artist! About a month ago SVT ( swedish national TV channel) paid me a visit in my new studio. They wanted to do an interview with me, talk about my journey with Skulls & Bones Artwork and yesterday the TV-program "Sverige!" was aired where I got to talk about my artwork, show my artwork, share my thoughts and my journey. What an awesome feeling it was to watch the show and realise I was in it :) 

The interview was held in my new studio, where I had just moved in all my stuff and we are working now on finalising the plans for the renovations that needs to be done on the house. If you want to check out the program where me and my skull art was featured you can do so by clicking the link below. My story can be seen in the end of the program, at 22:40 minutes. (The program is in swedish, with swedish subtitles)