The beauty of death encapsulated and brought to new life


Energy could never be destroyed. It's just shifting its shape. It may halt or commencing to flow in- and into another direction. Or several...

And what about other dimensions? Who knows. When a soul perishes, it splits. Part of it rejoins the ever flowing life force and the collective soul that entangles our world from all directions and dimensions. It's timeless, bound to reincarnate and ascend.

Another part remains with the remains, and is bound to be part of our tangible world. That part sometimes finds its way into my hands: the hands of the skull artist. I bring it with me, the skull or carcass of a deceased being. I get to know her and find out who she was, what she wanted to be or what she desires to become. From there she rises from her grave and once again she is here among us to tell us her story...

Petra Shara Stoor of Skulls & Bones Artwork


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